The B.E.A,R.S. group (knitting and crafts) held their annual sale at the Bonsor Recreation Centre last Friday, Novwenber 3, 2023.

The crafters supply their own materials and every year they give proceeds from the sale to the Society to donate to their favourite charities.

Over the years this group has donated thousands of dollars to various charities.  WELL DONE B.E.A.R.S. -  Your Society is very proud of you.

B.E.A.R.S. Sale Nov 2023

B.E.A.R.S. Sale Nov 2023


The committee of Karuna, Gerry, Caroline and Dora did a wonderful job of hosting this very elegant Thank You for the coffee bar and baking volunteers.

Their efforts were much appreciated by all who qualified to attend. There were door prizes, and President Ernie presented bouquets to group leaders Karuna and Marie.

Karuna and Ernie

Marie and Ernie

A rare picture of the President's table taken at a recent luncheon at Kirin Restaurant.

lunch at Kirin Restaurant

The Social Line Dance had its group annual dinner on August 22, 2023 at the Grand Crystal Restaurant in Burnaby.

The turnout was high.  There were 60 participants out of 84 members.  Everybody had a wonderful time mingling and chitchatting.  The eight-course dinner plus dessert meal was fabulous and all members enjoyed the opportunity to dance after the dinner.

We all look forward to the next one in 2024.

Bonsor 55+ Social Line Dance Group

Social Line Dance Dinner Aug 2023


A delightful awards luncheon was hosted  by this group at the Kirin restaurant at the end of August to celebrate a very successful year by the Snooker Group.  Awards were given to tournament winners, including best improved, best all-around sportsman, and winners of the coveted cup.  Dignitaries from the lower mainland and the President of the Society as well as the board liaison were in attendance, and the ever-present camaraderie of the group was evident to all lucky enough to be there to share in the festivities.

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Who do we call on when we have an event or celebration?

Our CORE VOLUNTEER GROUP, made up of members of the Badminton Group are always on hand and willing to make any event a success with their expertise in preparing the most important part of the event - the food.  The ANNUAL VOLUNTEER LUNCHEON, The ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING, the GROUP LEADERS MEETING - the list is endless.  We, the Board of Directors salute this group of women, spear-headed by Caroline and Dora. We thank them for always smiling, and tackling each project with enthusiasm.

Bonsor 55+ Core Volunteers