The Badminton Group started its preparation for the June Bonsor 55+ DUB Badminton Tournament in early May. There were 76 members who signed up for the tournament.

The lunch, with an option of pork, chicken or vegetarian attracted more members.  Added to the lunch menu are special desserts that will be contributed by eight lady members. As always, Letty will be graciously donating 175 treats for everyone.

Badminton Tournament June 2024


tennis racquet, balls and shoesBonsor 55+ Tennis Club at Central Park

Our tennis season officially started Monday April 15 to Friday September 27, 2024.  A valid Bonsor Senior Membership card is required to join.

Play dates are every Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 9:00-12:00noon on Central Park reserved courts 9-10-11-12.  All Monday statutory holidays are open to public use. New potential members are welcome to play three times for free before deciding to join.

Club fee is $50.00/yr and non-refundable.

Social events planned are free pizza days, fun social tournament, and year-end dinner.  Tennis balls are provided by the club.

Any questions please do not hesitate to contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Thank You note

Hi, Monica!

Good morning!

We have had very busy days since the last trip - doctors' appointments, dentists, ultrasound test, air conditioner, all of that is completed one by one . I cannot wait any longer to say thank you to you. Not only do I want to say thank you, but I want to tell you the meaning of these senior bus trips to us. For us, this recent trip means rebuilding of confidence.

We two had accidents not long before the trip. My husband fell down in front of the entrance, and I fell down while playing table tennis. We were all OK and got back to normal daily life quickly. But we were still scared a little bit and doubted ourselves. Fortunately, we did well during the trip and went back home safely. We love the beauty of Canada and earn energy by visiting wonderful places and nice people. The trip for us is an enjoyment, and there is some kind of ability training as well.

I asked my husband again this morning, "Are we going to join the next seniors bus trip?" "Yes!" - he answered firmly without any hesitation.

We want to let you know, and please tell Britt and the Driver too; your volunteering work helps seniors a lot, and you all are great and priceless!

Hope you enjoy the bright summer, and  meet us again in autumn ! ????????



Artist of the month for June 2024 - Perkin Leong

artist palette

My name is Perkin Leong. I've been a member of 55+ Open Art for a year now and it's been a fantastic journey. Each week, fellow artists gather to create and exchange ideas, fostering a sense of community akin to a big family.

Decades ago, I immigrated from Hong Kong where I had previously pursued a career in interior design and earned an advanced certificate in three-dimensional design from Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Because of this, I was already somewhat acquainted with drawing prior to taking up painting.

Prior to retiring in Canada, I worked for an engineering consultancy.   My journey into Chinese painting began after retirement, with a focus on landscapes, though I've also dabbled in drawing figure and bird-and-flower paintings.  In recent years, I've taken up water colour painting and have also enjoyed sketching outdoors when time permits.

I'm the featured artist for June, and I'm excited to share several of my past landscape and figure paintings with fellow enthusiasts. I’m looking forward to connecting with everyone and exchanging creative inspiration.

Perkin Leong June 2024



don't forgetJune 4  - Pancake Breakfast
June 5  - Group Leaders Meeting
June 13 - Free BBQ for Bonsor 55+ members - MUST REGISTER TO ATTEND
June 14 - Board of Directors Meeting - Minutes will be posted on our website.


Once again, the Bonsor 55+ Snooker Group hosted a tournament with the West Vancouver Community Center Snooker Group for the coveted Mary Horton cup.

As always, the atmosphere was very genial, and greatly enjoyed by both groups.  The Tournament was very tightly run, with a marvellous luncheon hosted by our group.

To carry on the great camaraderie, a wonderful luncheon with lots of goodies was enjoyed by both teams, and anyone who happened to be in the vicinity.  Well done, Bonsor Snooker!

Mary Horton Cup 2024

Mary Horton Cup 2024

Mary Horton Cup 2024