Thank You note

Hi, Monica!

Good morning!

We have had very busy days since the last trip - doctors' appointments, dentists, ultrasound test, air conditioner, all of that is completed one by one . I cannot wait any longer to say thank you to you. Not only do I want to say thank you, but I want to tell you the meaning of these senior bus trips to us. For us, this recent trip means rebuilding of confidence.

We two had accidents not long before the trip. My husband fell down in front of the entrance, and I fell down while playing table tennis. We were all OK and got back to normal daily life quickly. But we were still scared a little bit and doubted ourselves. Fortunately, we did well during the trip and went back home safely. We love the beauty of Canada and earn energy by visiting wonderful places and nice people. The trip for us is an enjoyment, and there is some kind of ability training as well.

I asked my husband again this morning, "Are we going to join the next seniors bus trip?" "Yes!" - he answered firmly without any hesitation.

We want to let you know, and please tell Britt and the Driver too; your volunteering work helps seniors a lot, and you all are great and priceless!

Hope you enjoy the bright summer, and  meet us again in autumn ! ????????