The Bonsor 55+ Table Tennis Group (BSTTG) was formed in July, 2011 and had 177 registered members.  The annual fee was just $10.00.  The Group`s popularity grows every year and currently we have a total of 236 members.

Table Tennis is a hugely popular game involving agility of mind and hand-eye coordination.  It has been said that Table Tennis is the best game to improve one`s brain. Our goal at BSTTG is to improve of mind and body, blending playing skills within a fun and communal context.  We encourage every member to respect each other regardless of differences in skill level.  This creates an environment conducive for all members to play and interact with one another while having fun and exercising.

We play table tennis five times a week and hold a Fun Games tournament in May every year.  Annually we host two events, one in September to celebrate the anniversary of our founding and the other in spring as a Spring Festival event.  We also raise funds yearly with our members for Maywood Community School.  Finally, we hold a birthday party to celebrate a member`s auspicious 90th birthday.  All these events have been welcomed and well supported by all our members.

Table Tennis Group with Michelle

Table Tennis Group Cake

Table Tennis Group Winners

Table Tennis Group Photo