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On Monday May 16, Mulberry PARC presented a donation to the Bonsor Health Alert program!

Our members are very grateful of the ongoing support we receive from Mulberry PARC.  Without their generous donation we would not be able to offer such a beneficial program to the seniors in our community!

Health Alert runs Mondays from 9 to 11am (except stat holidays & the month of August).

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After 73 matches over 5 weeks the final 5 matches were held on Saturday May 21. Eva Lee our best lady player performed wonderfully to reach the final beating Richard Mckenzie an ex-champ. In the final however she lost to David Braganza who was much more experienced. During the lunch break we had a surprise Birthday celebration for our ‘Burnaby Citizen of the Year’ George Kawaguchi. We surprised him when he entered the room with a big Happy Birthday. We also had sandwiches.

After the tournament we had prizes/gifts given out to all the players as well as all those in attendance. We had 2 Snooker Cues, a 10 liter wine box, numerous Starbucks gifts and many many gift certificates ranging from $25 to $60. We even gave away 6 bottles of wine. The event went off very well.

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A wind up celebration was held in the Snooker Room to commemorate the end of the season.  There were a bevy of luscious desserts, along with other refreshments.  Some of these cakes were made specically for members who stated their preference!  These festivities were very well attended, as are all celebrations by the Snooker Group.  Well done!

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On Wednesday March 30 we held our annual volunteer luncheon; this year’s theme was Bonsor Air! We were once again proud to reward and recognize the hard work of the hundreds of volunteers who make our programs so successful for so many people over the age of 55.

This year we had wonderful songs from the past sung by The Agency Girls and a lively dance floor, plus, a delicious buffet lunch provided by Ricky’s Country Restaurant. To cap the event off, we were able to give away many wonderful door prizes donated by our generous sponsors from across the Lower Mainland. We would also like to thank all the staff who worked so hard to put together this event and to remind our current volunteers to make sure you are logging your hours, you need 35 logged hours for the year to qualify for the luncheon! If you are interested in volunteering please apply by contacting Don Doyle at 604-297-4580 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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On March 4, the badminton group organized a dinner to celebrate Chinese New Year at Fraser Court Seafood Restaurant.  Over the years, many members have expressed interest in a gala dinner to coincide with Chinese New Year and we are happy to be able to do it for the first time this year.

The event was well attended by a total of 202 people.  The event started around 3:30pm with Karaoke and dancing.  About 50 people signed up to sing and more people joined in the dancing.

The banquet style dinner started around 6:30pm, with plenty of seafood like crabs, prawns, scallops and fish.  The delicious baked tapioca pudding rounded out the dinner perfectly.  There were abundance of food and even leftover for members to take home.  The highlight of the evening was the two excellent performances by our members during dinner.  First was Er-hu recital, a Chinese musical instrument, performed by Maggie Hsu.  Second was Cantonese opera singing by Tony Wong and Ada Chow.  The performance showcased some of the hidden talents among our members.  And judging by the applauses they received, it was definitely a big hit.  At the end of the dinner, some 60 donated door prizes were drawn to the delight of the winners.

The dinner ended around 9pm followed with more dancing.  Members brought their favourite dance music and they danced and danced until 10:30pm.  Everyone had a good time with a lot of compliments from the members. Some members were already asking about next year’s dinner!

Finally, I’d like to thank the many volunteers who helped make this event a huge success.
Submitted by Caroline Young

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On November 20, 2015, following our Bonsor Cup tournament, we had our annual Christmas lunch organized by Caroline Young.  A record number of 166 members signed up for the lunch. Our menu included curry beef, cashew chicken, spicy salt spareribs, BBQ pork, egg tofu with minced pork, Buddha’s feast, Singapore fried vermicelli and rice; plus egg custard tarts and deep fried sweet rice ball for desserts.  With so many dishes to choose from, it was certainly a big feast.  The food was absolutely delicious and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it.

After the lunch, it was the medal ceremony for the tournament.  Our president, Peter McConville, presented the medals to all the winners. Everyone was joking and cheering on each other. Then came picture time, with each team taking pictures with the Bonsor Cup.

We also had a number of door prizes at the end.  Everyone cheered each time a prize winner was drawn.  Loud roars broke through the ceiling when the last big prize winner was announced.

Our members also donated $182.00 to the Senior Society’s Maywood School mitten fund.

The Christmas party was a huge success and all our members enjoyed the good food and the socializing with other members.  With such a large event like this, however, it will not succeed without the help of all the volunteers.  I’d like to express my sincere gratitude to all the people involved, with a special thanks to Alice Ng and Annie Louie who assisted me throughout the whole event.

Submitted by Caroline Young

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