On February 15, 2019, our members welcome the year of pig with a big feast at Fraser Court Seafood Restaurant.

During the two weeks before the dinner, Vancouver was pounded with a number of heavy snow storms, seriously putting the party in jeopardy because it would be a challenge for many of our seniors to maneuver through the snow.  Luckily, the weather began to warm up the day before and our party was held as planned.

The party started around 3pm.  Our members sang and danced all afternoon until 6:30pm.   The dinner began with a short speech from our guests of honor, Mary Horton and Michelle St. Jean.  We, then, gave our president Peter McConville a surprise for his 82nd birthday.  First we sang the English Happy Birthday song.  Then one of our members, Clarence Wu, led the crowd to sing an impromptu Chinese Happy Birthday song, with everyone cheering and clapping.

The dinner was a traditional 10 course meal, including lots of seafood, chicken and vegetable dishes.  The baked tapioca pudding rounded out the meal perfectly.  We also had a lot of door prizes, like pair of Canucks tickets, Cinplex movie bundles, a pair of badminton rackets etc., all donated by our members.

The party, with 192 people attending this year, has been a popular event for the last 4 years.  Everyone attended had a good time and enjoyed the food and camaraderie.  Many are already looking forward to next year’s event!!!

Submitted by Caroline Young

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