Artist of the month for June 2024 - Perkin Leong

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My name is Perkin Leong. I've been a member of 55+ Open Art for a year now and it's been a fantastic journey. Each week, fellow artists gather to create and exchange ideas, fostering a sense of community akin to a big family.

Decades ago, I immigrated from Hong Kong where I had previously pursued a career in interior design and earned an advanced certificate in three-dimensional design from Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Because of this, I was already somewhat acquainted with drawing prior to taking up painting.

Prior to retiring in Canada, I worked for an engineering consultancy.   My journey into Chinese painting began after retirement, with a focus on landscapes, though I've also dabbled in drawing figure and bird-and-flower paintings.  In recent years, I've taken up water colour painting and have also enjoyed sketching outdoors when time permits.

I'm the featured artist for June, and I'm excited to share several of my past landscape and figure paintings with fellow enthusiasts. I’m looking forward to connecting with everyone and exchanging creative inspiration.

Perkin Leong June 2024