line dancingThe Bonsor 55+ Society Line Dance Practice group was officially started in March 2022.

The Line Dance Practice group was started, albeit not officially under the umbrella of the Bonsor 55+ Society, as an off shoot of the Line Dance Classes held at the Bonsor Recreation Centre about 20 years ago. Only participants in the line dance classes at various levels could come into the practice sessions.

Currently, as an official Bonsor 55+ Society program, we have openly invited line dancers registered at all levels in the Line dance classes at the Bonsor Recreation Centre to participate in these practice line dance sessions. A donation of $10 per fiscal year to the Bonsor 55+ Society is required. The practice sessions run only when line dance classes are on. It is scheduled for every Thursday at 1.30-3.00pm.

The purpose of this line dance practice group is to provide an opportunity for all participants in the Bonsor Line dance classes to review line dances taught in the classes. It provides an avenue to review in an informal setting and to socialize with one another. The sessions are run by volunteers.