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This annual event was held on Thursday November 1st at New Starlet Seafood Restaurant, 65 members and 4 non-members attended the dinner party.  We also invited the Board Liaison, Albert Lam and the Staff Liaison, Francis Sykora to join us.  The food was great and there were a lot of door prizes, everyone had a great time.

The highlight of the party was the celebration of Mr. Po-Zay Wong’s 90th birthday.  Po-Zay is a long time Bonsor 55+ member and has supported the Mah Jong Club for many years, a well deserved recognition.

The party wouldn’t have been this successful without everyone’s participation and help, a big thank you to the executive team for putting it all together.

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Season’s greetings from the badminton group!  It was again the time of year for our much anticipated Bonsor Cup tournament and lunch event.  180 people, including Mary Horton and Michelle St. Jean, gathered for lunch on November 23 and witnessed the medal ceremony for our Bonsor Cup tournament which took place earlier in the morning.  We were also honored to have Teri Sabot and Ernie Kashima drop by and speak to our members.

As usual, the volunteers were already busy doing preparation from 9:30am, setting up tables, drinks, door prizes, etc.  They also put together 180 small gift bags to give out at the door.

For our lunch menu, there were 3 options: chicken, pork or beef with vegetables and rice or noodles.  Everyone received a large lunch box with one of the options; then rounded out with a delicious deep fried sesame ball and a custard egg tart for dessert.  I heard the desserts were so delicious that they were devoured even before the lunch boxes were opened.

One of the highlights of the lunch was to celebrate the 90th birthday of one of our members, Mr. Po-Zay Wong.  After the Happy Birthday song and candle blowing, he happily shared his delicious BD cake with other members.

For the 50/50 prize draw this year, the badminton executives decided to dedicate the fund to Second Street Community School. A total of $385 was raised from the ticket sales.  $193 were earmarked for the school.  The other half, $192, were then divided into 3 prizes: 1st prize - $92; 2nd prize - $60; 3rd prize - $40.  Our 1st prize winner, Thekla Lit, was very generous and donated her winning to the school.  She really demonstrated the true meaning of charity and Christmas spirit.  A BIG THANK YOU TO THEKLA!!!

Finally, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the 16 volunteers who worked tirelessly to make it successful.  They were the true hero of this event.

Submitted by Caroline Young

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On October 3, 2018, Bonsor 55+ Badminton held a lunch party at Floata Seafood Restaurant in Vancouver’s Chinatown. A total of 82 members and guests enjoyed the delicious eight course lunch.

After lunch, we all sang group karaoke. It was great to see everyone participating, singing, and laughing.  Even Mary Horton and Peter McConville went up and sang ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’. After singing, we did line dancing which was led by Dora Chan. Many of us joined the dance to burn off the calories from lunch. To top off the fun filled event, everyone received gifts and prizes to take home. All of us had a wonderful time and enjoyed the lunch party.

A big thanks to all our helpers, Peter McConville, Norman Eng, Robert Wang, Dora Chan, Betty Tse, and Stephen Lai. The lunch party would not have been the same without their help. Special thanks to our guest of honour, Mary Horton. We are happy to see the return of the healthy Mary.

Update - 2019 Bonsor 55+ Badminton registration has been successfully completed. 316 people had signed up for 285 openings. A lottery was held on September 25, 2018, to draw 31 names of those who would not be able to join the group in 2019. To all returning members, welcome back! To all new members, welcome to Bonsor 55+ Badminton!

Upcoming – The Bonsor Cup Tournament, to be held on November 23, 2018, is being organized by Robert Wang and Gain Hoy, with Caroline Young who will organize the tournament lunch. It will be another fun filled day for our members.

Submitted by Annie Louie

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After a fun filled tournament in the morning of June 22, 192 members and guests participated in a yummy dim sum lunch held at the banquet hall.

The menu included shrimp dumpling, pork shumai, barbeque pork bun, sticky rice wrap, curry chicken pie, almond cookie, winter melon pastry, and fortune cookie. We also had birthday cake for our long-term member, Dennis Lee, who turned 90 earlier this year. We sang ‘Happy Birthday’ and wished Dennis all the best.

Lots of time was spent drawing 110 prizes for all the attendees. With lots of laughter and smiling faces, the lunch ended at around 2:30.

By Annie Louie



Frieda and Michelle


On May 5, 2018 over 60 members of the Bonsor 55+ Table Tennis Group spent a fun fill day at the Bonsor 55+ Center building competing with each others for rights to be called champions. The games were well organized. We have competitive players in the morning and recreational players in the afternoon. We have chicken legs and salad for lunch. We also had a big cake for all to share at the end of the fun game We all had a great time.

We also did clean up after ourselves, making sure that the garbage are separated out properly according to city rules.

Fun Games 2018 group picture
Fun Games 2018 group picture

Fun Games 2018 in action
Fun Games 2018 in action

Fun Games 2018 winners
Fun Games 2018 winners


There is always cause for celebration and good food with this group, and once again they have yet another celebration! What a fun group they are, and anyone interested is invited to join, regardless of their level of expertise. Thankfully the Board and staff are always invited to the party.

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