Choose to Move now available for older adults online or by phone.

Are there older adults in your community, or life, who are interested in increasing their physical activity through a free program online or over the phone?

BCRPA, in partnership with the Active Aging Research Team at the Centre for Hip Health and Mobility is delivering Choose to Move and ActivAge.

Since 2016, BCRPA has partnered with 33 recreation departments across BC to support older adults in becoming more active. Choose to Move and ActivAge are free programs run by BCRPA registered Fitness Leaders who have their Older Adult specialty.

Choose to Move is now available for free, online or over the phone, everywhere in British Columbia.

Participants can join from the comfort of their home as long as they have either a telephone connection or a device connected to the internet. Help us spread the news! The link to join is here and it’s absolutely free!

In-Person Choose to Move and ActivAge are also being offered in select communities in 2021. Click here to find your nearest program.